National Conference – 2016

K.L.E. Society Belagavi’s National Conference on ‘Post Liberalization Nuances of Organic Constitution’ on 1st and 2nd October 2016 at K.L.E. Society’s Law College Bangalore (Bengaluru).

K.L.E. Society Belagavi on the eve of its Centenary Celebration the society has organized a National Conference on ‘Post Liberalization Nuances of Organic Constitution’ on 1st and 2nd October 2016 at K.L.E. Society’s Law College, Bengaluru.

The Conference was inaugurated by Hon’ble Mr. Justice B.S. Patil Judge, High Court of Karnataka. On 1st October 2016.

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Law courses in India – Career In Law

Law Courses in India

A Brief Info On Career In Law : Law courses in India was not in demand in the early 90’s, but today the scenario is completely different. There has been an influx of students in the Indian legal education sector and a recent survey has already proved the same. Earlier law career was limited to private practice or government jobs but with the corporate houses coming into being, a lot of opportunities for lawyers have cropped up within the private and corporate sector as well.

law courses in india

Legal Education and Law courses in India – To become a full fledged lawyer the prerequisites are to have a bachelors degree in Law  (LLB) at least. There are  also 5 year integrated Law courses in India. The following are the integrated courses which are in demand BSC LLB, BBA LLB, BA LLB, BCOM LLB, etc. There are various colleges in India that offer individual and integrated undergraduate law courses. After achieving the same, there is scope for higher education like masters in law and PHD program as well.

Specialization for Law courses in India- Law career offers various specializations in law like civil law, criminal law, tax law, corporation law, labour law, real estate law and patent law. Due to the sudden boom in realty, there has been a spurt in the requirement of real estate lawyers.

Even tax lawyers are very much in demand as they deal into income tax and more. Though, it is a matter of subject interest and individual choice when it comes to choosing a specialization in law.

Law course also includes an internship in the final year and articleship for 2 years post completion of the course.

In a nutshell, a Law career is certainly a fructiferous one in today’s times and the times to come as well.


















Want to Apply in Top LLB Colleges in India

Top LLB colleges in India – Start your career in Law

If you are an aspiring student willing to make a career in law, well try your luck with the few top LLB colleges in India. As far as choice of colleges is concerned, India does have numerous law colleges spread across various regions of India. But, there are a few points that have to be considered when you are trying for an admission, which is precisely the first step towards realizing your dream of becoming a lawyer. Presently, clearing the CLAT after your 12th Boards for admissions to undergraduate as well as post graduate courses is mandatory. The participating colleges under the same are a total of 17 and the tests are conducted at all the campuses of the participating universities in rotation.

Here is a list of points to be considered if you are seeking admission to a law course in top LLB colleges in India.

top LLB colleges in India

COLLEGE RANKING – If you are really passionate about law and have all the budget then try to enroll intosome of the best law colleges in India. Top colleges because, you need not worry about the infrastructure, faculties, campus life and more. NAAC rankings tell everything about a college and these days there are many survey agencies that carry out survey institutions all India.

FACULTY – Getting information on the faculty is not a very difficult task. As it is before narrowing down on a college, it is advisable that you visit it to check out the infrastructure and facilities yourself. Here is when you get an opportunity to talk to existing students and find out information about the faculties. Alternatively, many college websites to provide information about the qualifications and other achievements of the faculty.

INFRASTRUCTURE –  Generally, if you are looking out for admission into any of the top law colleges in Bangalore, the infrastructure facilities would certainly be top notch.
You may still visit the websites and checkout the pictures of the college and the information on the facilities provided by them. Visiting the college is always a good idea,  so as to get a fair idea of the infrastructure.

PLACEMENT OPPORTUNITIES – These days law colleges also offer inhouse placement opportunities with government as well as private bodies, corporate houses and more. Do checkout if the college you are looking to get admission into has a placement cell. Though, this is not a very important point to be on your checklist, it certainly is a good to have one.

COLLEGE LOCATION – Location is not a preliminary criteria but it has to be on your checklist because, its always nice to have the college campus nearby. Though this is not possible always, but if there is a choice of colleges available, you may consider the location criteria. A college in the same city would cut down your hostel costs and commuting costs as well.

Getting admission into one of the top LLB colleges in India is always what a student would aspire but there are a few points that do affect the decision and one of the most important is the Fees criteria. The better the college, the higher the fee. So, even this point has to be taken under consideration while selecting a law college. Having said that, if the college does have a good ranking, try to manage a way out as far as the budget is concerned with the help of student loans, scholarship facility if available or other relevant means.

LLB Full Form -The full form of LLB is Bachelor of Laws

LLB Full Form – Bachelor of Laws (Full form of LLB)

The proper abbreviations of LLB (full form of LLB) is Legum Baccalaureus which is a Latin word.
Because the word is plural, the abbreviation is created by doubling the first letter as a result you have the two Ls.

Now you know that the LLB Full Form is Bachelor of Laws – For the last couple of years LLB has seen a spurt of growth as far as the admissions to this course in India are concerned. Gone are the days, when this profession was limited to family. Nowadays, due to the arising need for legal practitioners in the corporate sector , realty sector and more, LLB courses are quite in demand. Even the future seems to be bright, because there are possibilities of foreign law firms establishing their offices in India. This would open many more doors of job opportunities for the Law students.

Besides, if you screen through the history you will find lot of political leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi and more were lawyers. So, if you are planning a career in politics, Law is meant for you.

full form of llb


Before we proceed, let us review LLB Full Form.  LLB Full Form is Bachelor of Laws and numerous colleges around India offer LLB courses. You may opt for a 3 year LLB course or an integrated 5 year course. For admission to Law, you have to appear for CLAT (Combined Law Admission Test). This test is like any general knowledge exam wherein your legal aptitude, logical skills, general English, etc are put to test. So, it is always advisable that one starts preparing for the entrance test well in advance for better results. So, if your plan is to acquire some graduation degree with law degree as an add -on qualification then you may go for LLB. But, if you are determined to take up Law as a career then a five year degree course is the better choice. If you have already put your hands on taking up academics as your career then a  masters, Mphil or PhD would be required. Generally, taking up a 3 year LLB course would cost your somewhere around 25-30K but if you decide to go for BA-LLB, then you have to have a bigger pocket because the investment goes nearly upto 3L for the said 5 year integrated course.

The most sought after law institutes in India include National Law School of India University – Bangalore,  ILS College – Pune, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi -Delhi, Government law College- Mumbai but to name a few.

llb full form
Law career offers you different choices as well. You may either become a criminal lawyer or a civil lawyer. While criminal law is an adventure packed profile that includes study or criminal laws and handling criminal cases, Civil law as its counterpart deals with excise, tax, marital issues and more. Another challenging and interesting career option is taking up legal journalism where you cover arbitration courts, legal proceedings, crime beats and more. You may also work for the corporate sector as a legal advisor offering them consultancy against their legal obligations, duties and more. There are numerous other options including becoming a government lawyer, a legal analyst, document drafting lawyer and more. There are a umpteen firms with  biggies like  Khaitan & Co, Singhania & Partners, Titus & Co, offering immense opportunities for learning and growing.Overall, A Law Career is a smart choice if you have passion for the subject and the skills required for the same.

Dress Code Notice For Law Colleges by BCI

The Bar Council of India (BCI) recently recommended various law colleges across the country to have a dress code suitable to the profession for all the students.

This came after a controversy hit the NLSIU Bangalore college this month, when a professor was witnessed castigating a student on account of her wearing shorts to the lecture. This also spurred a protest from a group of students in the college. They turned up in shorts the very next day to protest for their right to personal expression and against the moral police.

This story was covered staunchly by the media and finally the issue was resolved mutually between the students and the college. Having said this, on April7, 2016 BCI sent a notice to all colleges acting upon its concern regarding the downgrading dressing standards in Law Colleges.

It hence urged the college management to impose suitable dress code in their colleges, suggesting that the dress code could be a white shirt teamed either with black, white or grey trousers preferably.

dress code of law

Best Law College in Bangalore ,see the ranking list of law colleges in India .

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Right To Information Act-One Law For All

In the light of a case wherein a woman by name KR Chitra was denied the right of information on the colleges and universities inspected by every member of the BCI with the date of inspection, the central commission proved that law is equal for all. Precisely, this lady wanted the complete list with the aforesaid details but was not provided with the same by BCI. The reply received from the BCI in the regard said that there were thousands of colleges under the list and hence it would be impossible to furnish the information required. Only specific information about a college or institution if requested could be furnished.

right to information act

The Central commission therefore warned the Bar Council of India for not abiding to the mandatory proactive disclosure clause of RTI act. It mentioned that it was a breach of the RTI rules, that too by a reputed organization like BCI. It further added that Central Commission was apparently surprised by the act, wherein even though the information was available in the database, it was not shared by the BCI. The commission also mentioned that the allotted time of 10 years for fulfilling the obligation was already over.

The Commission also ordered the BCI to provide the 4(1)(b) compliant annual report as needed under section 19(8)(a)(vi). The section 4(1)(b) states that every public authority has to maintain it’s updated information in 17 specified categories and it needs to be posted on their relevant web page besides sharing it on the public domain as well.

The commission added, asking an explanation on the same that why they shouldn’t impose a heavy penalty for such a breach. Thus it is very clear that the law remains the same for one and all, be it the common man or biggie when its about Right to information.


K.L.E. Society’s Law College in Bengaluru has been awarded with 6th Rank in the ranking of ‘Top Law schools in India’ and 3rd rank (Southern Region) in the Ranking of Top Law schools by region. GHRDC Hotel Management Institutes & Law School Survey Results 2016


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India is a democratic country and it sure does include hateful expressions as per the article 19 of Indian law with certain terms and conditions or say restrictions. Under it comes Sedition. Having said that many a times the concept itself is misunderstood, thus creating and image that sedition means political dissent. It is all underlined in the section 124 A wherein, whenever there is an act representing non affection towards the government in Power, it is considered as sedition.


There have been quite a number of notable cases since the amendment of the act, starting from long back in 1892, there after in 1950 and recently in 2014. While in the first case that was registered between a man called Jogendra Bose & Queen Empress, the word ‘sedition’ was conveniently removed in order to interpret against Bose as ‘in the state security interest’ as per article 19(2). Though after India’s independence the picture changed and when a case came up between Romesh Tapar & Madras Government in regard to imposing a ban on the magazine circulation that could potentially create law and order issues within the public, the results showed changes. Announced in favor of Romesh Thapar, the judge stated that law cannot be used to ban ones freedom to speak unless it has a tendency to create any disorder or violence in the society.

There are a few changes that were made by the court of law in India in order to emphasize the fact that law is a servant to humankind and not an obstruction, and therefore has to be used in the interest of the public. This was when a case was registered under 124 (A) Bihar v/s Arnesh Kumar wherein the Supreme court created and issued certain guidelines that needed to be followed before making any kind of arrest. It stated that an arrest could not be made merely on the basis on a complaint under 124A.

Thus, in a nutshell whenever the section 124 (A) act of the Indian judicial law, subject to article 19(2) applies, one can be prosecuted only if it stirs people towards violence against the existing government in order to overthrow it or affects the security of the state in anyway. Any other speech otherwise, cannot be banned.

in Banglaore, India. KLE Law College is best law college. Check here TOP RANKED LAW COLLEGE – GHRDC LAW SCHOOL SURVEY 2016

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Intellectual property rights are all about creative products produced or created or invented by the human minds. With the businesses and products growing in leaps and bounds over the years, intellectual property rights are gaining importance as information economy is becoming more and more significant in these times. Information economy is about giving objects created by the mind and not anything physical like land, etc.

The question is how are to protect or prevent others from taking undue advantage of your ideas, creations or inventions. Here is how it can be done.

intellectual property rights

By copyrighting your product you are preventing it from being copied or distributed. It is approved by law and falls under intellectual property rights. Also known as territorial rights because they are restricted to a certain jurisdiction or territory only and not beyond that. The best part of copyrighting a product is that its extremely easy. No registrations or expenses involved.

Trademark or registered trademark is a unique design or sign that is used on a product or a package, label or a voucher. A trademark has to be registered by the owner in their name and then use the symbols like TM for trademark or ® for registered trademark with their logo, symbol, design image or combination of all. On the flip side, trademarking a product does not necessarily mean that the internet domain is also copyrighted.


This is generally used when a product is invented and is a right to prevent others from copying it, making it or selling it for a limited period of time. This way a new product is protected by its inventor as an exclusive one and avoids competitors from making or selling the same. Though, it is an expensive affair as it involves a lot of research and fees too. Further, once the patent is granted, possibility of it getting canceled is always there.

Resulting form the materials used or the design, feature lines, shape, textures, etc, it is the monopoly right for a product’s appearance in part or whole. It has to be unique and not similar to any other existing or existed. Though its easy for others to defeat it by making simple or minor changes in the design.

Certificate Course In Intellectual Property Law ( 6 Months Course)

Post Graduate Diploma In Intellectual Property Rights (2 Years course)

The above two courses offer – KLE Law College in bangalore


It is a known fact that after students complete their legal education and start practicing law, staying in touch with whatever has been learnt in the law school and updated with the latest in law becomes imperative to every lawyer. Keeping this fact in mind, India has come up with its first full time law training centre known as the MK Nambiar Academy for continuing legal education. This concept is one of its kind and is designed to increase the standards of law professionals.

The main objective of this centre is to aid the practicing lawyers in continuing legal education. Training would be provided by the centre and they would get to anlayse the latest in Law. The centre is in Kochi but training programs for lawyers are chalked out at different locations in the country across the year, so that the Indian Law Practioners can take advantage of them wherever they are. To make this possible, law institutions like NLSIU Bangalore, KIIT, Bhuvaneshwar, National Law University and VM Salgaocar college of Law have come forward to host these training programs. These training progams are open for practicing lawyers aswell as law teachers and are going to be conducted for free.

In countries like US, CLE is mandatory, while in India the legal education training programs and centre is an initiative to join the bandwagon and enhance the law standards.

continuing legal education

Professor and Dean at NEWYORK’S Cornell Law School

For technology to thrive, law is vital were the words of the Eduardo Penalver, Law Professor and Dean at the New York’s Cornell Law School. He said this during his talk on the role of legal system in technology while addressing the law students in India.
He harped upon the significant role that Legal education plays in protecting the law rule and also brought to the light the fact that overseas, the students were not opting for law education even though the job market has shown a genuine rise.
He also emphasized that law has to be consistent, intelligible, public and accessible to all. He added, Law to be applied at a equal level and be coherent internally. He urged that the need for lawyers was more than ever now and hence the young generation take up the career to secure the future of the society. Law as a career he said, was interesting, challenging as well as motivating.
He also mentioned that the possibilities of India being a sought after destination for Law Education were good and on the rise because of the quality of education and affordability aspect. The enhancement of infrastructure though was one area that needed to be looked after to realize these possibilities.