Heritage Club

The aim of this club is to make History an inherent part and parcel of the everyday curriculum alongside other graduate-level subjects by way of providing for continuously active and practical learning. It also focuses on places of Importance, cultural or natural heritage as described in UNESCO world heritage as well as the State and Central Archaeological Survey of India. It is also an attempt to understand all aspects that demarcates the identity of our Indian Heritage or any other Heritage in the world. The club also tries to develop respect in students toward the diversity in cultures by hosting awareness programs at college on how to protect and preserve our monuments and heritage sites.

A Student/ Scholars and Public who become a member of Heritage Club will receive:

The programme has been designed in a way to build and create awareness alongside honing knowledge in different aspects in the field of Heritage with regards to:

Heritage Club – Small Research Grant Result

HC Small Research Grant Result


The members of Heritage Club shall be composed of the following classes of Members:

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