Research Grant Scheme

Heritage Club, Department of History, KLE Society’s Law College, Bengaluru, invites applications for “Small Research Projects Grant” for Heritage studies. The research proposal should be in a Cultural Heritage, Natural Heritage, Historical Heritage, Legal History, Archaeology and Antiquarian Law, or may be interdisciplinary in nature having significant Heritage content.

Purpose and Duration :

The Heritage Club, awards a maximum of 3 small study and cutting-edge research projects grants with a duration of up to 3 Months and a grant up to not exceeding 15,000 INR for the purpose of undertaking fieldwork, for the acquisition of research materials, and other relevant sources, or those undertaking small scale data collections.


These grant awards are available to citizens of India, who are perusing graduation degree (Three or Five Years), Post-Graduation students, Ph.D. Scholars, and professional engaged in the study of Indian Heritage and Culture.

Themes of Research

Proposal must include 1000 words consisting of introduction, study area, previous work, research map, aims and objectives, methodology etc. approved by head of the institution or guide.

Institutional affiliation

Candidates are requested to demonstrate their institution’s support for their application through authorised signature (Vice-Chancellor/Registrar /Director/HOD/Research Guide/ Mentor).

Final Report

The students/ researcher/award holders must submit a project report on their topic and a financial statement of their expenses. This statement must be certified by an institution authority, or his/her academic supervisor. Should researcher decide to discontinue the grant without completing the research project, shall be liable to refund the entire amount of grant received for the purpose.
Research Progress Report
  1. First Progress Report: After completion of two months of Small Research grant.
  2. Final Progress Report: After completion of 3 months of Small Research Projects.
  3. The report shall be minimum of 80 pages excluding pictures with signature of supervisor/mentor and declaration certificate.

Important Dates :

Postal and Communication Address of the College and Heritage Club Principal, KLE, Society’s Law College, Bengaluru CA-2, Sir M. Vishweshwaraiah Layout, 5th Block, Ullal, Bengaluru – 560091, Karnataka, INDIA Phone: 080-23485372, 23488197, 23286489, Mob: Coordinator-9844782235 Mail: Website: