Study Materials

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Administrative Law.pdf
Banking Law.pdf
Business Communication.pdf
Business Environment.pdf
Business Statistics.pdf
Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act.pdf
Company Law.pdf
Constitutional Law I.pdf
Constitutional Law II.pdf
Contract I.pdf
Contract II.pdf
Corporate Accounting.pdf
Cost Accounting.pdf
Cost and Management Accounting.pdf
Criminal Law II.pdf
Economic Development in India.pdf
Economics 1 – Principles of Economics.pdf
Economics 3 – Economic Theory & Public Finance.pdf
Entrepreneurship Development.pdf
Envrionmental Law.pdf
Family Law I.pdf
Family Law II.pdf
Financial Management.pdf
Financial Accountancy.pdf
Human Resource Management.pdf
Human Rights Law.pdf
Insurance Law.pdf
Intellectual Property Rights II.pdf
International Business.pdf
International Trade Law.pdf
IPR I.pdf
Kanoonu Mattu Sahitya.pdf
Labour Law I.pdf
Labour Law II.pdf
Land Laws.pdf
Law of Crimes I.pdf
Law of Evidence.pdf
Law of Torts.pdf
Legal Methods.pdf
Macro Economics.pdf
Managerial Economics.pdf
Marketing and Services Management.pdf
Micro Economics.pdf
Money, Banking and International Trade.pdf
Political Science 1 – Theory and Thoughts.pdf
Political Science 3 – State and Political Obligations.pdf
Political Science 4 – Major World Governments.pdf
Political Science II – Organisation and Institutions.pdf
Political Science V – Public Administration.pdf
Political Science VI – International Relations and Organisation.pdf
Principles and Practice of Auditing.pdf
Principles and Practice of Management.pdf
Property Law.pdf
Public International Law.pdf
Right to Information.pdf