All You Need To Know About Essential Legal Rights Of Women In India

Women Legal Rights in India

Women have known to be soft targets for centuries now. Being the weaker section of the society, they have borne the brunt of inequality, domestic violence, sexual harassment, exploitation, slavery, but to name a few. Well, efforts to work towards the upliftment of women have also been at the forefront of some of the able minded people of the society, since long. Known social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy and some unsung ones like Ishwar Chandra Vidhyasagar, Virchand Gandhi dedicated their lives for the upliftment of women in Indian Society.

Well, in the recent years, India has been witnessing the waves of change. The taboos, beliefs and systems created by our ancestors, men and women both, are now slowly getting erased from the minds of people. Now that education and exposure to information and knowledge has empowered people to think with an open minds, undoubtedly times are changing and for good.

But, in a country like India with a billion people and majority of them living below the poverty line, the picture in rural areas hasn’t changed as compared to the urban side. Women today have access to many legal privileges that empower them to fight for their rights with a certain amount of ease. You need to remember that as a women, you are born an equal to man and no one can come and just deprive you of that freedom, for any reason whatsoever. Let us run through some of the legal privileges every woman needs to be aware of because many of us are ignorant on the same.

Zero FIR Shield
Under the Zero FIR provision, a female victim has the privilege of filing her compliant at any of the police stations across India, irrespective of the jurisdiction in which the incident has occurred. Post Fir lodging with the magistrate, it is transferred to the respective police stations.
Relief – Timely action against crime.

Identity Anonymity Shield
Under the section 228A, the anonymity of the victims identity such as name or related information cannot be disclosed by anyone and is a punishable act. This is applicable for female victims offended under section 376.
Relief – Protection against Social Victimization.

Domestic Violence & Cruelty Shield
Domestic Violence and cruelty is a common practice in India and in-order to protect women against the same, there is section 498 of IPC. Under it a female victim can register a non bailable compliant against the husband live in partner or relative. Further, under the Section 18 of our constitution, a perpetrator or accused is barred from entering her area or work, meeting her or communicating with her in any way. The forms of violence under this section include physical, verbal, emotional, economic and sexual.
Relief – Protection from abuse of every kind.

Sexual Harassment Shield
Sexual Harassment at workplace is highly prevalent with the urban section of the society as well as the rural or labor class. To enure the safety, dignity and respect of women at workplace, the constitution allows women victims to file a written compliant to the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) within 3 months after the incident takes place. The local Complaints committee (LCC) takes up the mater later on if there is no further action in the matter. Even the heir of the victim or any one with a written permission from the lady can file a compliant on her behalf.
Relief – Protection against workplace exploitation.

Representation Indecency Shield
We all have come across umpteen cases where women have been threatened of their private pictures or videos being aired, broadcast or shared and asked for indecent favors, extortion, etc. There are instances where they are secretly shot without knowledge and shared as well. The above law protects the lady from any indecent or vulgar representation of her figure, her body or any part and is considered to be a punishable offense. Victim can immediately raise a complaint against it under the said provision.
Relief – Protection of Dignity and Respect.

Alimony after Divorce
As per section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act, the working spouse needs to pay the non working spouse a fixed amount as maintenance when the divorce is in process. While the section 25 makes provision for periodical or one time maintenance altogether for the applicant spouse, most of the cases being females. A women has a right to claim her maintenance from husband on account of domestic violence, adultery, polygamy, desertion, conversion like issues, during a divorce. Similar laws are there for Muslims, Parsi and Christian women as well.
Relief – Financial stability during tough times.

Family Property succession
If you’re aware, there was this recent amendment in the Hindu succession act of 2005, under which a female can now claim equal share in family property. Earlier it was the male who had the major share in the Property, is got revised in 2015.
Relief – Equal status in family.

Well, it is still a bumpy road ahead for women across all age groups, but none the less these legal privileges are certainly like shock absorbers for them, helping many of them through these patchy roads they ought to tread at some point of life or other.

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Legal Education In India – 7 Interesting Law Specializations

Legal Education in India

Law definitely offers a promising career with influx of opportunities due to globalization in the law sector. Besides, opportunities from private sectors are opening doors for law professionals to work with corporate houses, real estate companies, film industry, healthcare and more. After graduation though, there comes this dilemma of choosing a specialization for masters. It is always advisable to have a masters degree at least these days, when the competition levels are extremely high. A doctorate in law would definitely put you into another class altogether, but that isn’t a cake walk anyways. Law offers many different subjects to choose from as specialization. Here is run down the few specializations that offer lucrative career prospects in Law.

CIVIL LAW – This subject deals with the major areas of litigation that include damage suits, gaurdian disputes, deeds, wills, individual rights and disputes and more. This specializations come with immense scope for private practice more so, though it also offers good job opportunities with government and private bodies.

CORPORATE LAW – This is presently, one of the most sought after specializations in India that offers opportunities to work or consult corporate giants around contracts, ordinances, privileges and more.

PROPERTY AND ESTATE LAW – With realty business in boom, the demand for real estate lawyers is also on the higher side. Property and real estate laws includes sale deeds, property mortgage and lease issues, property titles, property conveyance, to name a few. You get to work with real estate companies as their employee or legal adviser.

INTELLECTUAL AND PATENT LAW – This area of specialization is gaining popularity more so with globalization winds making their way through this sector. Companies and brands are putting in their efforts to protect their products using the patent and intellectual property rights law. This law deals into trademarks, copyrights and more.

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LAW – This specialization also has a good career-scope in the private sector, corporate houses nationally and international opportunities as well. It deals with laws related to international business and trade. This includes international trade, tax, arbitration, competition law, contracts and more.

TAX & BANKING LAW – Specialization in tax and banking is a good idea as well with banking, finance and corporate companies hiring specialists in the area for dealing with their finance and tax matters.

CRIMINAL LAW – If you are up for a challenging, exciting and thrilling career then criminal law is the specialization for you. A roller coaster ride when it comes to work, it deals into interacting and interrogating the accused, witnesses, working around forensic reports, post-mortem reports, things found at the scene relating to the crime and more. You may go for private practice or work as a public prosecutor. Criminal law pays well but might be taxing for some.

Well, there are more additions to the list of specializations available in the legal education sector in India, though you need to choose the one that interests you the most and is lucrative as well so that you can carve out a skyrocketing career graph for yourself.

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Legal Sector in India – The Scenario Today

The legal sector has seen some drastic transformations over the last few years. There has apparently been a paradigm shift in how the legal industry works today then ever before. Earlier it was all about legacies of a family pursuing the profession, toiling long hours, sweating it out and more.

Legal Sector in India

But, with the advent of technology, advanced tools and apps on hand, the face of the legal system has suddenly got a makeover, it seems. Getting some legal information which was a pain in the neck once, is now only a few clicks away. Today for example, if you have a legal query, there are umpteen number of apps available in the marketplace to help you resolve it. Further more, you even have various online webpages and toll free numbers to help you out, on hand. Technology is apparently a boon for the law professionals also, as they no longer have to hunt for their clients. They can simply float their portfolios online on different legal networking sites for clients to find them. Clients also get numerous choice online, to select a lawyer that fits their suit and bill. The legal process has also become kind of speedier than ever for them.

What’s new, legal professionals can now outsource their work to third parties and it is known as legal process outsourcing. Further-more, the concept of virtual legal professionals is working wonders. These professionals are apparently, non law professionals assisting in getting you legal information and their services are available for low prices. Like it used to be before, Billable hours of lawyers are no longer counted. This is quite a refreshing change because it allows lawyers to take short vacations and leaves as well.

A profession deemed as mediocre earlier, is now seen in new light as corporate law is the new lucrative side of it and students are eagerly taking the plunge into this profession like never before. It is expanding and is opening up new avenues for potential lawyers and why not, Corporate law undoubtedly offers a sky rocketing career.

On the flip side, the substantial and consistent growth in the number of lawyers has resulted in Legal professionals focusing on legal entrepreneurship. Today, you do not need to go to the offices of your lawyers as most information is available at the touch of a tip online through your smart devices. Subscriptions based legal information portals offer the facility to browse any order online easily. Hence, Lawyers these days concentrate on providing efficacious service to their clients and make them feel at ease service-wise as well as money-wise.

Due to the changing economic times, there has been a constant effort by the legal professionals to find new ways to attain and retain their clients, ultimately making this sector more effective, efficient, accessible and reliable.