Oxford and Cambridge are two renowned names in the world when it comes to quality education.  Again the ever increasing costs of education and living in foreign countries can blow big holes to your pockets.  The competition for scholarships has also increased over the years and has lead to fewer students opting for courses in places like Cambridge or Oxford.  Yet, students who are aspiring for pursuing courses at these prestigious institutions have a chance to get scholarships of merit through some non-profit organizations which do offer scholarships. These scholarships are also available for law students seeking to pursue their higher education in these universities.

One such institution is the Oxford and Cambridge Society of India (OCSI).  A non-profit organization that is located in New Delhi, India and has been helping out aspiring students with their higher education through scholarships.

The scholarships are awarded for the part cost of education for undergraduate, postgraduate, as well as research education in the aforesaid two universities in the United Kingdom. Here are a few details about the scholarship, its eligibility criteria, and last date to apply for the year 2018.

Scholarship Institutions

  • University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Scholarship  Courses

Besides Law education, the scholarship is available for any field of study at these universities mostly except a few that are for specific courses in the university.  The level of education includes

  • Ph.D. course research
  • Postgraduate courses of one-year or more
  • Taught as well as research-based Master’s degree programs of any duration
  • First bachelors or second Bachelor’s degree course

Though there is an eligibility criterion you need to fulfill if you are seeking the scholarship and it includes the following pre-requisites:

  1. Indian Citizenship
  2. Indian Resident
  3. Age limit – not above 30 years as on Sept 1, 2018
  4. Schooling and Graduation from School or University in India


The date for sending your duly completed application forms was May 15, 2018. You may try next time if this time you haven’t been able to.


For detailed information and Application Forms Contact:

The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India
C/O Bharat Kumar, 366, Sector 15-A
Noida, 201301

Well, as you see the application due date is over. But none the less, if you are an aspiring student looking out for admission to these elite educational institutions, consider The Oxford and Cambridge society of India as the catalyst to your dreams and try to win a scholarship for your higher education and try for it in 2019.