Written Agreements – A Smart Idea

The times when people used to make a promise and stay true to them for their rest of their lives, are not a reality anymore. Today, in order to keep many of the undesirable tiffs or issues between two people, its advisable to seal the agreement with a legal stamp. There are a lot of reasons beyond betrayal or denial for doing so.

Written Agreements - A Smart Idea
1. Situation – Sometimes, we make promises in a certain mood or situation. If we do not put on paper, their value might decrease. For a period when relationship with the person or people you get into agreement is going smooth, it might work well but the time the relationship develops some bitterness or sourness, it might not work. Hence, if it is a vital agreement, then a good idea to keep it on paper.

2. Memory Issues – Certain agreements tend to be forgotten with time unless they are jot down officially. Further, if you just get unlucky around the death of the person or any sort of memory loss due to an accident, a written agreement would certainly help you sail the situation.

3. Clarity Purpose – Many a times, orally spoken agreements are not understood by one or the other participant. If the same is written down, in a clear cut and understandable language, it works best.

4. Attention – Generally, people don’t pay much heed to oral agreements as they are well aware that there are no chances of them getting into any kind of soup in case they do not abide to the agreement later. But, when an agreement is written down, people not only read it carefully but they know that they are obliged to abide by it.

5. Avoid relationship issues – When agreements are verbally agreed between two people in good terms with each other, and one of them happens to ditch the agreement then as nothing is there on paper, the other becomes helpless and it only results in relationship getting sour. With a written agreement in place, you may as well avoid such issues.

6. Avoid Frauds – Lets face it. There is never a guarantee that everyone would be true to their word, its just outright unrealistic in the present age. A written agreement is by far an apt solution to keep fraud at bay and even if it occurs, you have a proof document to win the case, if you decide to go the court way.

These are just some of the issues that you might have to face if you just take a leap of faith and do not opt for written agreements. Therefore, a smart idea definitely would be having a written agreement to support the verbal ones. More importantly, after putting the verbal contract down in writing, read it carefully and clear every associated doubt around as well.