You Don’t Need to Carry A Physical Licence Henceforth

When you are on the roads and driving be it a four wheeler or a two wheeler some of the few things you need to keep with you include the driving license, Vehicle registration certificate and the pollution control certificate. While it is allowed to carry a copy of the same, it is quite a hassle and many of us opt to carry the original. This kind of leads to a risk losing the original document or card.

As per India Today, the Union ministry of Road Transport and highways has amended the Central Motor Vehicle Act of 1989 allowing people to carry the relevant documents in digital format. As per the new amendment, a vehicle owner does not require to carry documents like driving license, document of pollution under check, registration certificate (RC), fitness and permit etc., in their physical format. They can use the digital format form as well and show it to the concerned authorities on their screen.


This service comes under the digital India initiative thus enabling people to store official documents on the cloud with the help of a central government operated app called the Digilocker. The app can be easily downloaded from the App store or Google play store. There is a validation process of the documents that you store but it is simple and easy because the validating authorities are the same authorities who have issued the documents. This does also mean that showing scanned copies of documents is not permitted by the law and that it’s only possible for people having smartphones.

The initiative is a part of the promoting a paperless governance and is definitely going to ease a lot of hassle that it causes to people in terms of carrying physical documents with constant threats around accidental damage, burglary, losing or misplacing the documents which could further lead to a lot of tedious procedures.

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This initiative of digitizing India is definitely a forward thinking strategy and amendment of the existing law only brings forth the fact that with times the laws also need to change in order for a country to progress. Change is the only constant and we as country not only need to anticipate it but also initiate it.


*Sourced from the internet